wpid-Headshots_-49_20130809135229096_20140109021248599.jpgHello! My name (as most of you rocket scientists out there may have already guessed) is Brit. My full name is Brittany Moniqué McClelland, but my friends usually forgo the formalities and just call me Brit. I too am inviting you to become my friends as I dive into the beauty blogging world.

Brit’s Beauty Tips is an organic byproduct of blogs that I started writing for Peachy Queen Boutique in 2013. There, my articles go under the name “Brit’s Beauty Corner”. I will still be writing for Peacyqueen.com in addition to my articles here. I wanted to have a more diverse realm in which to share my opinions, which is why you have found your way to this site.

While we are on the subject of my opinions, please remember that all of the information found on this site are just that – my opinions. I am writing about topics that interest me, that I am eager to share with you. While my experience as a makeup artist and good old trial and error has helped me to discover a few fun and interesting tidbits, I am not a medical professional. Any reviews, recipes, or techniques that I share are simply meant to be informative. I do not want, nor can I afford, any legal issues all because you read that I had a blast bathing in peanut oil and you decided to follow suit (with a severe nut allergy) and now find yourself in E.R. in anaphylactic shock. So I implore you, dear reader, to do us both a favor, and use caution (and common sense) before you try to recreate any of my oh-so-humble opinions!

Well now that we’ve got my homespun legal mumbo jumbo out of the way, I would like to extend my deepest thanks for visiting my small corner of the web. I hope to provide you with a little insight and hopefully some entertainment as, together, we tackle various ideas and interpretations of this concept of beauty.

If I do nothing else on this journey, it is my most sincere hope that I can impress upon all my visitors, one very important fact. Beauty is not something that can be defined by any one person, culture, sex, or any other measure society likes to impose upon us. That old saying that “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” remains as true as when those words were first spoken. The most beautiful trait that we all possess is our figurative heart. We must first adorn the person we are on the inside before we even think about slapping the first coat of primer on the outside.

With heartfelt thanks and joy, I welcome you to my world.




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